Environmental Policy

Meridian is committed to protecting the environment. We proactively consider our impact on the environment of our products and manufacturing processes.

We strive to reduce all forms of waste and emissions through internal energy and waste minimization efforts. To this end, all our facilities adhere to our Environmental Policy and strive to meet or exceed our environment objectives. Furthermore, we also request and encourage our suppliers and subcontractors to implement similar measures that lessen their impact on the environment.

Toxic Substance Reduction Plans

Environmental Policy

Meridian is committed to providing innovative, high quality die casting components and assemblies to the global automotive industry that:

  • provide value to our clients
  • provide stable and rewarding employment to our workforce
  • provide a competitive return to our shareholders

The protection of the environment is critical in our ability to achieve our goals and therefore is a fundamental consideration in our development, design and manufacturing decisions. Such decisions can affect the environmental impact of our activities, products or services.

Meridian is committed to:

  • complying with relevant environmental legislation and regulations in the communities we serve
  • customer requirements and volunteering programs
  • continuous improvement and prevention and minimization of pollutants
  • designing products and processes with minimum adverse effect on the environment
  • encouraging awareness of environmentally safe practices with our employees
  • recycling programs that include metal and other products generated through our processes
  • conserving natural resources

All plants will set objectives and monitor progress against these targets. They will review and update their programs as required to improve their environmental performance.

Meridian further believes that everyone has responsibilities and an important part to play in our commitment to the environment. All plants, their employees and management will be held accountable for their environmental performance.

At Meridian, the protection of the environment is as important as any other part of our business and is essential to achieving our vision of being positively recognized by all of our customers.