Overview of Wanfeng Auto Holdings Group Co. Ltd

Wanfeng Auto Holdings Group Co. Ltd. is an international private holdings company that follows the philosophy of “eternal value, while contributing to society.” By being involved in making automotive parts, machinery and equipment, financial investments, new energy, and new land developments such as metropolitan parks, the company has produced three core business areas known within Wanfeng as “Champions.”

The first such Champion is Aluminum wheels and is one of the largest business units within our portfolio having achieved global recognition through growth as well as through international mergers and acquisitions. Additionally the business unit has become a global market leader in the magnesium industry. Further Wanfeng has become the coating industry segment national leader domestically for automotive/motorcycle wheel coatings.

Moreover and beyond pure industrial manufacturing, the Wanfeng Group adheres to “scientific and technological innovation as the eternal theme of enterprise development.” The company has taken the lead in building state-level enterprises that include technical centers, academic workstations, and post-doctoral workstations in the industry in order to develop long-term partnerships with organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Academy of Engineering. In recent years, the company has organized and carried out over 850+ projects of which there are: 50 National Torch Projects, 100+ provincial projects, and over 600+ patents.

Wanfeng, as one of the earliest, longest serving and leading Industrial Companies in China is proud of its heritage. We truly believe that in the past, Wanfeng was successful, at present is very robust, and moving forward into the future, Wanfeng will continue to be successful. We truly believe it is our employees who make us who we are. Wanfeng employees are leaders in the development of scientific concepts. These concepts feed our strategies which include entrepreneurship and innovation at the forefront.

Our future looks very bright. Through efforts, collaboration and cooperation with some of the most well-known international industrial corporations, it is our intention to continue to explore new innovations in energy saving vehicles (i.e. hybrids). This strategy, combined with our business portfolio diversification and standing in the ever growing Chinese automotive/industrial markets positions Wanfeng to realize its vision as a “Top 100 Company, with 100 Honor and working towards long term prosperity of 100 Years” thus enabling us to make great contributions to the revitalization of the local economies in which we serve, to promote the progress of our industry as well as to advance the overall improvement of social development.