In the Community

At Meridian Lightweight Technologies, we believe our responsibilities as corporate citizens extend beyond the statutory obligations under which we operate in all the jurisdictions where we have a presence.

We consider it mandatory for us to voluntarily take action to improve the quality of life among our employees and their families, the local communities in which we operate and society at large.

Our company is actively involved, on a local basis, through each of our global facilities, with charities and others groups in our communities. And we encourage civic participation among our employees and support them in their efforts.

In addition, we work closely with local universities, community colleges and schools to provide CO-OP opportunities for students so they are able to get valuable work experience and gain useful skills.

Corporate Social Responsibility


At Meridian Lightweight Technologies we consider the broader interests of society by taking responsibility for the impact that our company's activities have in the global market place. We recognize and perform the obligations we have towards our people, investors, customers, suppliers, competitors and the community as a whole. We believe our reputation, together with the trust and confidence of those with whom we deal, to be one of our most valuable assets. In order to keep this reputation and trust, we demand and maintain the highest ethical standards in carrying out our business activities.

We believe our responsibility extends beyond the statutory obligation to comply with legislation in all of the countries in which we operate. We voluntarily take action to improve the quality of life among our employees and their families, local communities and society at large.


Safety is our highest priority. We constantly review and update our policies, procedures and programs to help ensure that our employees work safely. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all of our employees, contractors and visitors. We believe that excellence in health and safety is critical to our long-term success.


We are dedicated to creating a workplace that is fair and free from harassment and discrimination of any kind. We foster a workplace culture where the rights, needs and unique contributions of each employee are valued. Meridian respects and supports compliance with all internationally accepted human rights codes and denounces all forms of forced or compulsory labor. We will not employ any individuals under the legal age of employment in any country within which we operate.

Inclusion & Diversity

Our success depends on our ability to draw the very best people from the global, cross-cultural talent pool reflecting the diversity of our customers, communities and markets. We foster an inclusive environment that respects individual differences and values the unique perspectives that lead to innovative ideas and better decisions.

With a company footprint that spans several diverse countries, it is imperative that we embrace diversity and are inclusive in our business practices and within our work environments.

The Meridian team is comprised of a unique blend of individuals from around the world. Our employees come from diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, span several generations, hold varying beliefs, and bring their unique experiences to work with them every day. Such differences help us connect better with our customers, suppliers and people in our global communities. To this end, we believe that attracting, developing and retaining a base of employees that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities is essential to our ongoing success.


Meridian is committed to the protection of the environment. We proactively consider our impact on the environment during the development and manufacture of our products and processes. We strive to reduce all forms of waste and emissions through internal energy and waste minimization efforts. To this end, all our facilities adhere to our Environmental Policy and strive to meet or exceed our environment objectives.


We have business interests around the world and know that strong communities are vital to the well-being of our society and to the economy. We encourage civic volunteerism and are proud of our public activities while supporting several community projects and notable local charities.


We partner with our customers to drive quality throughout the value chain from design, development, manufacture and delivery of superior products and services. Our Quality Policy defines our approach and execution. Coupling this quality excellence with our expertise in reducing overall weight while maintaining product strength, we further support our customers in decreasing the environmental and operational impact of their products through lighter vehicles. Lightweight solutions ultimately drive improved fuel economy and less environmental emissions.


Our Senior Management promotes open and honest communication with all of its stakeholders, customers and employees. We believe that transparency within our business today, is crucial to our successful growth for tomorrow. To this end, at Meridian we hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical and legal behavior in everything we do. All of our employees are required to abide by our rules and ethical policy, which outlines Meridian's approach to doing business. The protection of our reputation is of fundamental importance, and employees are aware of the implications in breach of this policy. The policy helps to uphold the reputation of our company and staff, and maintains public confidence in Meridian.